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The Zolaesque Show — Coming To An End

We at the Art et cetera Gallery are pleased to announce that this weekend we are celebrating the end of our inauguration exhibition, Zolaesque. We thank the gallery’s many visitors for their strong support, in a village that is just beginning to re-awaken after a few decades. Before we take-down the current show, to make room for the exciting Alfredo Santos show, which opens August 4th and which promises to make a stir in Santos’ former home of Fleischmanns, we hope that you will visit us and take advantage of special pricing, should you consider purchasing a special Zola piece or other works in our current collection.

Upcoming Alfredo Santos Show — Inventory of Works Around Fleischmanns

For the preparation of the upcoming Alfredo Santos show at Art et cetera, John Mulloy is putting together a more complete list of works by the artist owned by collectors in Fleischmanns and the surrounding area. The plan is to select from this inventory, a series of works by Santos, in collaboration with their owners, for inclusion in the Alfredo Santos show. So if you’re the proud owner of a Santos work, or know of one who is, send an e-mail to, or give us a ring at telephone number 845-254-4998. Who knows what hidden treasures, or unusual works, will show up.