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Opening The Spring 2008 Season with Alfredo Santos and Other Artists

We at Art et cetera are pleased to announce that on May 10th we opened our door for the 2008 season in Fleischmanns, NY.  We are showing the works of well-known artist Alfredo Santos of San Diego, CA, in our permanent “Alfredo Santos Room”.  Alfredo’s works include wood montages, paintings, sculptures, and recent drawings.
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The Zolaesque Show — Coming To An End

We at the Art et cetera Gallery are pleased to announce that this weekend we are celebrating the end of our inauguration exhibition, Zolaesque. We thank the gallery’s many visitors for their strong support, in a village that is just beginning to re-awaken after a few decades. Before we take-down the current show, to make room for the exciting Alfredo Santos show, which opens August 4th and which promises to make a stir in Santos’ former home of Fleischmanns, we hope that you will visit us and take advantage of special pricing, should you consider purchasing a special Zola piece or other works in our current collection.

Current show — Zolaesque

The grand opening of Art et cetera begins with Zolaesque, a show of the works of three sisters, Martha Zola, Irene Zola and gallery owner, Gloria Zola-Mulloy. All working with visual art, they saw the show as an opportunity to see their work side by side and to share their acrylic and pastel paintings as well as photographs with others.
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